SURFACE - A Short Male Body Image Documentary

Mental health, Film, Digital Arts, Body Image

A group of five young women set out to make a short documentary to discuss the issue of male body image. We interviewed men on the subjects of how and why and discovered some interesting opinions. Perhaps the project was doomed to fail simply because men who are uncomfortable with their appearances do not want to appear on camera and so we will never hear their side of the story? But, with that in mind, we think that the final product is quite interesting. What do you think?

This was a final project for a film module I took. What we made had to reflect what we'd learned from other film types such as fiction, documentary and experimental. In addition to this, our project came with restrictions. All group members had to work in roles they had not done before, we were not allowed to show faces, audio and sound could not match clips, Anja was the only person allowed to film at any time and it had to contain 113 shots.

Year: 2015
Location: Canterbury, United Kingdom
Collaborators: Tammy Green, Anja Hynninen, Sophia Ppali, Mirela Kostadinova, Holly Chaney
Contributors (Stars of the show): Mateen A R, Gersom De Koning Tan, Stewart G. Scott, Constantinos Hadjineophytou, Max Joy, Deokha Kim, Olaf L. Galick, Jakub Oledzki, Ben Porter, Cameron Williamson (And those who opted to stay anonymous)
Duration: 2 weeks
Tools used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Effects, Adobe Audition, Filming