Insights into suicide

Education, Mental health, Research

Drawing from primary and secondary research, and inspired by conversations, fictional books, experiences, as well as my own battles with depression, my master thesis looks into the subject of suicide from different perspectives, within history, religion, media and our daily lives.

Year: 2017-2018
Location: London, United Kingdom
Duration: 6 months
Report: Download here

This is not a suicide note.

It is not a love letter to suicide nor a hidden cry for help.
It is not a “DO NOT ATTEMPT SUICIDE” motivational speech.
With this piece, I am not trying to convince you, my dear reader, that suicide is wrong.
                        Neither do I attempt to glorify it.
I will, though, use the word suicide so frequently in this document, that I will probably make you feel uncomfortable.
                                                But I guess that is the goal…

What I am aiming to achieve is to encourage you to reflect,zreconsider a topic that you may or may not have given much thought about before.

Perhaps, you have heard about it in the news,
               in your history or literature books,
               in television.
Perhaps, you have had personal experiences,
           battling with suicidal thoughts before,
                       losing a loved one because of it.
                                 Perhaps, it is all of the above.

The big scary S word that is suicide, although common, still remains an immense taboo in today’s society.
This very fact may be one of the reasons driving people to go through with it.