Tsinghua Primary school's “Ma Yue Han Cup" Opening Ceremony

Education, Workshop, Cultural Translation

During April 2018 I was lucky enough to be involved at Tsinghua University primary school’s “Ma Yue Han Cup" track field and campus football league opening ceremony. As an international student representative, my role involved assisting one of the classes during the parade and interacting with the kids.

Participating at this event was an opportunity to have a good insight into China's primary school education. Prior to the event we spent a day where we were introduced to the kids in the class and we got to talk and interact with them. One of my favourite experiences was when the entire class repeated after me "Cyprus", as the kids had never heard of my country before. On the day of the event we assisted the teachers with the preparations and rehearsals and then lead our assigned class during the parade.

Year: 2018
Location: Beijing, China
Duration: 1 week