Over the rainbow

Over the Rainbow, Game, 3D Modeling, Interactive, VR, Exhibition

Over the rainbow is a game I worked on together with Ola Zawłocka and Isra Rab. The game was created using C# in Unity 3D and all the assets were modeled and animated in Autodesk Maya 2016. We worked in a team of three people. My role involved asset and enviroment creation, game feel, texturing and lighting.
At a later stage I used the environments created as part of a game for a prototype Virtual Reality experience for an exhibition.

Year: 2016
Location: Canterbury, United Kingdom
Role: Asset and environment creation
Collaborators: Ola Zawłocka, Isra Rab
Duration: 3 months
Tools used: Autodesk Maya, Unity

The Process

3D models of the environments

Virtual Reality version