Cinematic Concepts and Motion Capture Applications

Motion Capture, Cinematics, Real-time, Film

During my semester at Nanyang Technological University, one of the modules I attended was Cinematic Concepts and Motion Capture Applications. The course aimed to promote the importance of systematic preparation in the consideration of animation projects when it comes to the technology based approaches which are different from the traditional methods of creating 3D animation.

During the module we learned how to develop creative concepts and production strategies applied to the realization of a cinematic experience, similar to the one of an AAA console game or a high-end live action movie. We were exposed to ideas and problem solving, pertaining to a pipeline that is used to produce highly resolved realistic movement.

The outcome of the course was the above music video which was created with the use of VICON Motion capture system, and with the use of software such as Blade, Pegasus and Motion Builder. The final video was put together in Unreal Engine 4, with the use of the cinematic tools. We worked in an nterdisciplinary team of eight students, where every student got to experiment with the different workflows and techniques, such as callibrating the system, capturing the movement, retargeting the characters, wearing the motion capture suit and markers etc. We also got to experiment with a virtual camera, although it was not used for the final outcome

NOTE: The enviroment is from the UE4 asset store.

Year: 2018
Location: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Collaborators: Sophia, James, Chris, Katerina, Ziyaad, Audrelia, Justin
Duration: 3 month module