Animation, Digital Arts, Collaboration

Cascade is a vector animation commissioned in 2021 by CW+ charity for their Relax Digital programme designed to transform and facilitate a relaxing environment for patients, families and staff within hospital waiting areas.

Cascade, is formed with a geometric composition dispersed with soft floral forms, reminiscent of Islamic visual arts. The composition is based on an underlying isometric grid, displayed in alternating, undulating form, and in constant often subtle motion. The polygonal shapes inherent within Islamic geometric design come together to demonstrate a mathematical harmony.

The play of light and colour is designed to evoke a sense of cascading or floating through an unrestricted space – a relaxing, quiet, unfixed domain. Semi-transparent shapes move in close and expanded proximity, overlapping, moving along various axes, with no implied bounds. They are then brought back together by an invisible connection, demonstrating a collective unity.

The artwork presented in the work was created by Sara Choudhrey My role in the work was the procedural animation.

Year: 2021
Lead collaborator: Sara Choudhrey
Role: Animation
Location: Canterbury and London
Duration: 1 week
Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition
Artist: Sara Choudhrey
Commissioned by: CW+ Relax Digital
Displayed at: Saatchi Gallery