TEDxUniversityofKent - Milestones (2015)

Design, Event, Print, Ideas worth spreading

I was the Design Manager and Web Designer of the first TEDxUniversityofKent event for 2015. My role included designing posters, leaflets and promotional material as well as banners for the different social media pages. Additionally I was the creator of the event's website. I was also involved in the organisation of the event and its promotion. I was also involved with event photography, the creation of the intro and video editing.

The theme for the first TEDxUniversityofKent event was Milestones, to honour the University’s 50th Anniversary. This theme encompassed a broad range of ideas and approaches which represent some of TED’s core values of forward-thinking, innovation and inspiration. Not only did it celebrate the huge milestone of the first ever TEDx event at the University of Kent, but Milestones as a theme casted a wide net for speakers to interpret, from reaching personal milestones to addressing social, historical, political and scientific milestones – and everything in between.

Year: 2015
Location: Canterbury, United Kingdom
Role: Design Manager and Web Designer
Collaborators: Alexander Lamarque, Sarah Evans, Joanna Cribbin, Michael Evans, Steven Owen, Grace Beard, Sophia Ppali, Mira Kostadinova, Rebecca Kovacova
Duration: 6 months
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