Meaningful Spaces, Meaningful Places

Extended Reality, Virtual Reality, Co-creation, Workshops, Mental health, Research, Digital Arts, Collaboration

Meaningful Spaces, meaningful places is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience co-created with people living with dementia. During the course of a five-week process, which comprised of twenty sessions, fourty-four participants collaborated with artists to co-create four physical boxes centered around the theme of "Meaningful places". Then, we transformed these boxes into VR environments and we invited the participants to experience them.

With our work we want we invite viewers to pause and reflect on the profound impact of space, place and human connection, where they see the worlds imagined and crafted by people living with dementia, but also explore them, in a celebration of the unique perspectives and experiences of those who made them.

The experience and the artworks will be presented as part of the ACM DIS 2023 Art Exhibition, and the initial research will be presented as a short paper.

Year: 2023
Collaborators: Ethan Cheung, Clare Thomas, Bright Shadow
Role: Project conception, Workshop facilitation, VR Development
Location: Canterbury
Duration: 3 months
Skills used: User research, Workshop design, Co-creation, Physical making, Prototyping,
Tools used: Unity 3D, Substance Painter, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Oculus Quest
Bright Shadow

The workshops

The artwork