Interpretation of the Meaning

Animation, Digital Arts, Collaboration

Layering, displacement, and motion are key elements explored in Interpretation of the Meaning, an animation produced in response to the early work of David Bomberg and his contemporaries engaged with the Vorticist and Futurist movements.

It is a consideration of alternative ways of looking, of materiality, technological advancement and our perceptions of time and continuity. David Bomberg is often portrayed as someone who was in lifelong search, in contemplation of a truth and seeking a sense of belonging. His work produced in response to time in the Middle East, and Toledo in Spain also resonated with me. There is also his diaspora identity whilst living in London, and his having travelled to locations significant to Islamic history, including Jerusalem. Of course, the contentious situation in this region has evolved greatly, and with a change and movement of time, one wonders what the futurists may have made of the world in which their works are viewed now.

The artwork presented in the work was created by Sara Choudhrey, who was also the creative director. My role in the work involved animation and sound design.

Year: 2020
Lead collaborator: Sara Choudhrey
Role: Animation and Sound
Location: Canterbury and London
Duration: 2 weeks
Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition
Artist: Sara Choudhrey
Commissioned by: Borough Road Collection Archive